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About Me

Argi Noor Hidayat or commonly known as Argi Noor is a little boy who was born in a village on the south coast of Central Java called Pracimantoro. He has interests in ICT and Education. He started as a blogger and radio broadcaster since he was 15 years old in 2014. Then in 2015 he and a friend founded a radio station called Gentara which continues to grow to this day. He is a bachelor of education best graduate in 2022. Current activities are teaching, managing media, and working for clients (freelance).

  • Age 24
  • Residence Indonesia
  • Address Wonogiri (Solo)
  • e-mail [email protected]
  • Phone +62 856 5251 710

What I Do

Graphic Design

I usually design for personal, corporate and institutional. The designs I create include logos, print designs and digital designs for social media. Some clients want me to design elegantly, quickly, professionally.


When I became a social media specialist, I was required to be able to plan content, create content, post content, including writing interesting captions for that content.

Audio & Video Editing

I have professional audio and video editing skills. I edit audio for radio commercials, radio jingles, podcasts, and more. For videos, I usually edit promo videos, learning videos, YouTube and social media content, and so on.


I have basic HTML and CSS skills. I can redesign and customize web templates, single or multi page. I have designed personal web, radio web, news web, school web, and others.





Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta

Bachelor of Education

The Best Graduate at Study Program Level with Cumload Predicate and 3rd Place in University-Level Student Business Competition in 2021.


2015 - Current


Gentara is a broadcasting and media production company which includes Gentara radio, streaming radio server providers, and web and android application developers, as well as digital content production.

2022 - Current


Together with youth in Pracimantoro, Wonogiri, I founded the media convergence PRACIKU and PRACI FM as a medium of information and space for local community expression.

2023 - Current
SMP MUTU Eromoko

Informatics Teacher

I teach informatics subjects at junior high school level at SMP Muhammadiyah 7 Eromoko and Pondok Pesantren Mutiara Qur'an Wuryantoro, Wonogiri Regency.

2023 - Current
KLCBS 100.4 FM Bandung

Social Media Specialist

I am in charge of planning content, creating or designing content, creating captions, posting and reporting the results of the company's social media analysis.

2021 - Current
CLASSY NetRadio Indonesia

Webmaster & Social Media

In this company, I was entrusted with redesigning the logo and then updating the web design as well as managing the website. Recently I was also responsible for managing social media.

2019 - 2020
Swara Sakti 88.5 FM Wonogiri

Station Manager

I was given the task of managing Radio Swara Sakti when the broadcasting license had just been issued. I started by composing and planning broadcast programming, producing jingles and managing human resources.

Design Skills

Graphic Design


Logo Design


Print Design


Tools Skills





Adobe Audition



  • Marketing
  • Print
  • Digital Design
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Social Media
  • Internet Radio
  • Digital Media
  • Public Speaking
  • Teaching
  • Training
  • Writing
  • Leadership
  • Problem-Solving
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Social Networking
  • Responsibility
  • Flexibility

Speaker Experience

Leadership & Public Speaking

MAN Wonogiri
September 2023

Workshop Content Creator

Museum Kars Indonesia
Juli 2023

Workshop Radio Internet Kampus

Univet Bantara Sukoharjo
Juli 2023

Bimtek Radio Internet Sekolah (Siswa)

SMPN 1 Manyaran
Mei 2023

Bimtek Radio Internet Sekolah (Guru)

SMPN 1 Manyaran
April 2023

Milenial Islam Bijak Bermedia

MTs Sudirman Pracimantoro
April 2023

Broadcasting Class PRACIKU X Gentara

SMKN 1 Pracimantoro
Februari 2023

Pelatihan Radio Internet

SMPN 1 Manyaran
November 2022

Pelatihan Public Speaking #3

MAN Wonogiri
September 2022

Pelatihan Canva For Education (Guru)

SDMPK Pracimantoro
Juli 2022

Talkshow Literasi Digital

Macitalk Podcast
Februari 2022

Pelatihan Canva & PPT Bernarasi

Febuari 2022

Pelatihan Public Speaking #2

MAN Wonogiri
Oktober 2021

Webinar Edu-Preneur KKN MITDR-XI

UIN Walisongo Semarang
Januari 2021

Pelatihan Public Speaking #1

MAN Wonogiri
November 2020

Broadcasting Class Gentara #4

SMKN 1 Pracimantoro
Agustus 2019

Broadcasting Class Gentara #2

SMAN 1 Pracimantoro
Agustus 2019

Broadcasting Class Gentara #1

SMK MUDA Wuryantoro
Agustus 2019

Pelatihan Radio Pendidikan

SMPN 2 Giritontro
Februari 2017


Leadership & Public Speaking

Leadership & Public Speaking Skill (2023)

Workshop Experience
Leadership & Public Speaking

Praciku Content Creator Workshop (2023)

Workshop Experience
Media Project 2

Give Radio Studio Project (2023)

Studio Project
Media Project 2

SPANSAMA NetRadio Studio Project (2023)

Studio Project
Broadcasting Class Praciku X Gentara

Broadcasting Class PRACIKU x Gentara (2023)

Workshop Experience
Mockup Design 1

Redesign Logo Gentara (2022)

Logo Design
Mockup Design 1

Design Logo PRACIKU X PRACI FM (2022)

Logo Design
Tombo Cidro

Songwriter & MV Director "Tombo Cidro" (2022)

Music Production
Mockup Design 1

Logo Masjid Ar-Rahman (2022)

Logo Design
Media Project 1

SDMPK Podcast Studio Project (2021)

Studio Project

Songwriter "PBSI FKIP UMS SIAP" (2021)

Music Production
Mockup Design 1

Logo CLASSY NetRadio (2021)

Logo Design


Pracimantoro, Wonogiri, Jawa Tengah

+62 856 5251 710

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